DAX 001 Guitar 56'20''

19 tracks composed and performed by Dave Carroll including many titles published by Dot Music. Additional pieces include Love Theme and Variations and Siglo de Oro both inspired by work with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The album includes two duets : Seascape featuring Helen Mills (flute) and Romance with Bethan Morgan (violin).

Sheet Music

DMC 031 - A Dance and Two Sketches for solo Classical Guitar

Three contrasting pieces

  1. Tango Op 27 (lively, South American style) - view score | listen
  2. Cwm (a lyrical 'landscape') - view score | listen
  3. Kiss 'n' Tell / Wolf Whistle Rag (humorous, ragtime) - view score | recording unavailable

Playing standard: Grade VI - VII

DMC 032 - Miscellany : 5 pieces for solo Classical Guitar

Includes a setting of the beautiful Irish air 'Give Me Your Hand', a romance 'Untitled' and a lively Czardas-style 'Gypsy-ish Dance'

  1. Give Me Your Hand - view score | listen
  2. Jigantella - view score | listen
  3. Untitled - view score | listen
  4. Dot Polka - view score | listen
  5. Gypsy-ish Dance - view score | listen

Playing standard: Grade VII - VIII

DMC 033 - Tango Op 27a for Flute/Alto Flute and Guitar

A much played adaptation of the guitar solo in DMC 031, reminiscent of the Brazilian 'choro' or street band. A written out flute 'solo' and guitar chord sheet are available on request. Score and separate parts.

  1. Tango Op 27a - view score | recording unavailable

Playing standard: Grade VII

DMC 034 - Three Gypsy Waltzes for Plectrum Guitar Duo

A set of original gypsy-style 'Valses Musettes' for two plectrum guitars. Includes score, separate staff notated parts, chord sheets and tab version.

  1. Brollies - view score | listen
  2. Pendulum Waltz - view score | listen
  3. Dragonfly Waltz - score unavailable | recording unavailable

Playing standard: Advanced


  1. I Never Fly - score unavailable | recording unavailable
  2. 350 - score unavailable | recording unavailable
  3. Copenhagen The Song - score unavailable | recording unavailable

Playing standard:

Published by Hampton

HG213 - Irish Suite For 2 Guitars

  1. The Boys of the Lough (reel)
  2. The Scholar (reel)
  3. The Rights O' Man (hornpipe)
  4. The Gentle Maiden (air)
  5. The Mouse in the Cupboard (jig)
  6. Fasten the Leggin' (jig)

Playing standard: Grade 5-6

HF053 - Sea Song. Op 8 for Flute and Guitar

Review, Classical Guitar: "A delightful little piece brimming with character, and warmly recommended" - Gregory Newton.

An enchanting work for flute and guitar lasting approx. 5 mins.

Playing standard: Grade 6-7

Six Quartets. Op 21 (score and parts)

Very highly recommended as one of the best sets of moderately easy pieces ever published for guitar ensemble.

  1. Celandine
  2. Ragged Robin
  3. Heartstease
  4. Meadowsweet
  5. Lords and Ladies
  6. Winter-Green

Playing standard: Grade 3-5

Published by June Emerson

496 - The Essential Mozart

Seven popular pieces arranged for flute and guitar by Helen Mills and David Carroll.